Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Why do we have wisdom teeth by siri dental clinic

The wisdom teeth are the third and last set of teeth that generally grow between the late teens and the early years of the twenties for most people. In some cases, these last molars can fit perfectly in a person's mouth when they are properly aligned. However, in many people, the wisdom teeth are not aligned correctly and may require removal.

Wisdom teeth may also be affected, which means that the tooth or teeth only partially erupt from the gums, and the rest remains embedded in the jaw and / or soft tissue. The teeth that are affected can cause problems because the partial opening can allow the bacteria to enter the body, which can cause problems such as swelling, pain, jaw stiffness and other diseases of the entire body associated with bacterial infections. When the wisdom teeth are misaligned, they can be positioned horizontally, tilted to or from the second molars, or tilted inward or outward. Misalignment of wisdom teeth can crowd or damage adjacent teeth, jaw, or nerves.