Types of Teeth and What They Do!

Types of Teeth and What They Do by siri dental care

Your teeth help you chew food, which makes it easier to digest food. There are four main types of teeth, and each one has a different shape and function.

The four main types of teeth are

  • Incisors: Everyone has eight teeth in the front of the mouth, four at the bottom and four at the top. Usually these are the first adult teeth that child will receive when the child is between six and eight years old. The incisors are the teeth used to bite your food.
  • Canines: The canine teeth are located at corners of the mouth .These teeth are sharp pointed and penetrating surface its function is to grab the food and tear the food.
  • Premolars: The Premolars are used to cut and crush food.Unllike its implications and canines, the premolars have a flat bite surface. We will have the eight premolars in our mouth.
  • Molars: The Molars are the last tooth in the mouth .its function is similar to that of premolars, to crush, tear and crush food. The molars have a large flat bite surface that makes them perfect for this work.