Treatment for Dental Emergency

Treatment for dental emergency! by siri dental clinic

Treatment for dental emergencies starts before you go to the dentist. You should take the following general precautions and actions before going to the hospital. Dental emergencies require immediate attention from a dentist. If you ever doubt that you have a dental emergency, you should contact a dentist immediately.

What should do in a dental emergency?

  • If you are bleeding go immediately to the hospital if you have excessive bleeding, suspect that your jaw has been broken or if you experience a significant swelling.
  • If you have lost a tooth Keep the area and the surrounding teeth clean and free of dust by rinsing them with warm water. And put the tooth in milk and keep it in your mouth if possible.
  • If you have swelling apply cold compresses to control swelling.
  • In all cases of emergencies: The dentist will need to examine your teeth and gums to determine what happened. The dentist will also ask you questions about the incident that caused the problem, and will request information about your medical history. Only then can the dentist can then determine the treatment method that is correct for the emergency.