Reasons for Tooth Infections!

Reasons for tooth infections! By siri dental clinic

Dental infections, also called dental abscesses, are collections of pus and / or bacteria that accumulate within the tooth pulp of a tooth. There are several levels of infection ranging from mild to severe. Infections of the teeth usually involve the nerves in the center of the tooth. When the root dies, the infection has the opportunity to spread to the surrounding tissues, gums, bones and teeth. There are three types of tooth infections, each differing by its unique characteristics.

Types of Tooth Infections:

  • One type of tooth infection occurs inside the dental tissue of the living pulp. Dental caries is usually the cause of this type of infection. Unfortunately, there is no medication, such as antibiotics to combat this infection. It is extremely painful.
  • Another type of tooth infection occurs when the infection is inside the bone around the end of the tooth. This is generally where you would see a tooth abscess. White blood cells and antibodies are able to reach this area of the body and can help fight the infection. If the person is relatively healthy, his or her immune system may also be able to help fight the infection with the assistance of medication.
  • The last type of dental infection occurs inside the gums. Many times if a patient has this type of infection, it’s called as gum infection. These can also be abscesses and can also be combated by white blood cells and antibodies, in addition to medications such as antibiotics.