Post Tooth Extraction Care Tips!

Post Tooth Extraction Care Tips! By siri dental clinic

After undergoing a tooth extraction, the dental surgeon always gives you certain instructions for subsequent removal. The reason behind these important suggestions is to have a comfortable healing process without any possibility of complications after surgery.

Tips after undergoing the tooth extraction process:

  • Apply Ice on the face or cheek extraction side 15 minutes on and 15 minutes during the first 1 to 1.5 hours after extraction. This helps to reduce pain and swelling. If you wait for a swelling to appear, the ice will no longer be effective.
  • Be sure to keep the pressure on the bag or cotton pack on the extraction socket by biting it for at least one hour
  • For pain or discomfort, take a mild pain reliever. Do not use large doses of medication.
  • Avoid spitting vigorously after tooth extraction for a few days.
  • Avoid smoking after the extraction of the teeth for a few days.
  • Eat only soft, cold and non-spicy foods a few days after surgery. Try to avoid hot and spicy things.
  • Restrict your activities for a while after the surgery and try to rest a little.
  • Vigorous rinsing or touching the area of the surgery should be avoided. This can cause the evacuation of the healing clot and can initiate bleeding from the wound
  • After 24 hours of surgery, use a warm water rinse with saline 2-3 times a day to remove any food and particles from the surgery area. It also has a calming and antibacterial effect
  • A certain amount of bleeding is a common occurrence after surgery. Do not worry in such a situation. However, if persistent bleeding occurs, bite on a wet tea bag.