5 Reasons why gums are bleeding when you Brush!

5 Reasons why gums are bleeding when you Brush! by siri dental cllinic

Most common reasons for bleeding gums

  • Gum disease: In most cases, the gum tissue bleeds due to periodontal infection. The same bacteria that can cover your teeth and lead to decay can also be left under your gums. This infection can cause swelling and irritation, which can cause bleeding.
  • Poor oral hygiene: The way you keep your teeth and gums can cause bleeding. However, brushing your teeth or flossing too hard or with improper technique can also shake your gums and make them bleed.
  • Orthodontic issues: Misaligned teeth can put undue pressure on the "gum and bone tissue." The gum recedes and the bone begins to deteriorate, which adds an ideal place for gum disease. "In addition, metal and brackets from traditional appliances can irritate gum tissue and cause bleeding.
  • Pregnancy: Hormonal fluctuations are also one of the reasons for gum disease.
  • Stress: Your emotional state can also have an effect on your gums.