Is Fluoride Necessary for Healthy Teeth?

Is fluoride necessary for healthy teeth? by siri dental clinic

Fluoride is a natural compound that protects teeth against cavities. Fluoride is a mineral and in the right amount fluoride in drinking water strengthens the teeth. Fluoride naturally exists in virtually all water sources. Fluoride is not a medicine. There are proven benefits to our health from having the right amount of fluoride to protect our teeth in the water. Fluoride also causes the remineralization of the tooth structure that undergoes disintegration at the initial stage. It strengthens teeth and bones. Bone fractures are reduced to a large extent by fluorides.

You can get enough fluorides in different ways in your daily life like,

  • Fluoride is available in toothpaste types and mouthwashes. Do not swallow them to avoid the symptoms of fluoride toxicity. Rinse them after use.
  • Fluoridation of community water is an important route for fluoride administration
  • Fluoridation for infants and children with tooth decay.
  • Fluorides are also present in your environment and can be absorbed by the air when you breathe
  • Drinks such as green tea also contain fluorides
  • Fluoride-containing dental gels and varnishes are now available for professional applications.