Some Facts about Wisdom Tooth Removal

Some Facts about Wisdom Tooth Removal! by siri dental clinic

If you have been struggling with the wisdom tooth pain or are afraid that wisdom teeth will become a problem, talk to your dentist. Removal of wisdom teeth is a common need, with more than 85 percent of adults having their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their lives. They can cause problems for many people, infections, misalignment of the teeth and severe pain in the wisdom teeth.

About Wisdom Tooth Removal

It is a common belief among many oral surgeons that affected wisdom teeth should be removed before the age of 20 to prohibit further complications. As you get older, surgery becomes more difficult, which increases risk and recovery.

If you have diseased, impacted wisdom teeth, or wisdom teeth pain, they should be removed. The procedure can be performed by your family dentist in some cases, or you may be referred to an oral surgeon. Your dentist can help advise you about your specific needs and if wisdom teeth removal is essential to your long-term health. You and your dentist may consider several factors:

  • Do you have fully or partially impacted wisdom teeth?
  • Are you experiencing wisdom teeth pain?
  • Are you suffering from other medical conditions that could affect surgery or increase risk of infection?
  • What is the state of your oral hygiene