Why Pediatric Dental problems start from Baby Teeth?

Why Pediatric Dental problems start from Babyteeth? By siri dental clinic

Some of the common dental problems include bottle cavities, tooth decay due to plaque, tooth abscess, sensitive teeth, discoloration of the teeth, retained milk teeth, malocclusion, abnormal tooth structure, etc. But careful brushing and proper pediatric dental care can eliminate most of these discomforts .Your child will hardly feel pain before the condition begins. Some of the most common dental problems seen in babies are described below, along with steps to prevent these problems.

These are some of the dental and oral problems:

  • Dental caries is extremely common among the children. It is caused by bacteria and plaque acids that attack and destroy tooth enamel. Attention to diet and strict oral hygiene can help prevent cavities.
  • Thumb sucking is usually not a concern, unless it persists after the development of the permanent teeth. At this stage, it could affect dental health.
  • Gum disease, also called gingivitis, is an inflammation of the gum tissue that can progress to bone damage and tooth loss. It is often caused by poor oral hygiene. Your dentist can help reverse the early stages of gum disease and improve your child's oral hygiene habits.
  • Bad breath can affect people of any age. Possible sources of odor include little dental hygiene, inflammation of the gums and dry mouth. It can also be related to medical problems.
  • A primary tooth in retention is a baby tooth that remains in position while a permanent tooth is trying to erupt in the same space. It could indicate impaction or a congenital anomaly. Early diagnosis guarantees a better result.
  • Grinding teeth is common during childhood development. It can damage primary or permanent teeth and can even cause pain. Your child's dentist can treat the problem with a personalized night guard.