Differences between crowns and dental veneers!

Differences between crowns and dental veneers! by siri dental clinic

Cosmetic dentistry offers several options to restore a damaged or unsightly tooth. Crowns and veneers of the teeth are two of the most common options. Both can correct a variety of general cosmetic and dental problems, such as crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, old or discolored fillings, broken teeth, splinters or cracks, and more. Although their function is similar, crowns and veneers like the popular Lumineers work in different ways.

Both crowns and veneers are added components that change the physical structure and appearance of existing teeth. Both require a little preparation of existing teeth that will increase. A crown or cap is designed to mimic the appearance of all dental surfaces; covers the entire circumference of the tooth. A veneer is a thin layer made of porcelain or resin that fits only the visible front and side of a tooth. Lumineers is a brand of ultrathin dental veneers that requires less preparation and reduction of underlying teeth. When correctly designed and placed, both the crowns and the veneers of the teeth offer complete coverage of the visible areas of the tooth, so that their value in cosmetic dentistry is the same. Because they restore the chewing function, crowns are used more frequently in general dental settings.