Why brushing and flossing is important for braces?

Why brushing and flossing is important for braces? by siri dental clinic

In the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep. But the one thing is that you should not forget to clean your teeth properly. Especially if you are living your day-to-day with braces. While wearing braces, whether you’re a teenager or an adult, should manage good oral health care. With braces, food is often trapped in brackets and wires, and then delays teeth, creating plaque and tartar. These conditions can also cause serious and unwanted complications during your orthodontic treatment.

While using orthotics, it is not only important to brush your teeth several times a day, but to brush them in the right way. To get the best brushing results, be sure to brush your teeth and brakes from all angles.

Just brushing your teeth is not enough when you use orthotics. Flossing is necessary. Some tools designed for flossing are manufactured with a stiff tip to get food trapped under the wire of your braces. To be sure you are flossing effectively. Both brushing and flossing your teeth properly are crucial steps in your orthodontic treatment with braces.